Sometimes in life, it’s hard to let go. Some of the hardest things to let go of are those from our youth, from our childhood – our earliest memories.


My dad is moving house and so I must sort through and pack away all the things i want to keep or those I have to let go of and say farewell to forever.


As a traveller, this gets harder and harder as we travel around the world and collect souvenirs, memories and keepsakes to remind of us those wonderful times.


Shot glasses are my no.1 souvenir

But when your life is going to be packed away into boxes, what do you keep? What can you include in your new home, your new life, and what must be left behind with the past.

My favourite childhood toys


My soft toys will be with me forever- pink bunny is my first toy and laurie the bear is from my late grandfather.


My little ponies are every girls dream and love! I will never give those up – my little girls will have the opportunity to play with my little ponies too.



And Barbie. The classic icon of a girls youth. These are the lost of my Barbie clothes and alas they now must go ….. to make another young girl smile.

What will you keep or throw? Do you still have your childhood toys?


What travel souvenir can you just not do without?


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