It’s funny how different the same experience can look through another’s eyes. A journey that was shared so closely between a group of people can look so different from their view – and from their camera.


It was lovely recently to catch up with my friends who I did Mt Kilimanjaro Climb for Alzheimer;’s Australia NSW with in September 2011. We met and shared stories and photos and how our lives have changed since and it was so wonderful to reconnect.


These are photos from the lovely Anne and Andrew that really stood out to me and reminded me of some wonderful moments – moments of me enjoying and experiencing without even realising someone was looking on and capturing those special times.


Starting out the trip
The Tembo Girls are getting read to go before the climb
Staking my claim on our vehicle - though apparently this wasn't our van
Arriving at Camp Day 1! Woo well done team


gorgeous Anne and I, ready for Day 2


Misty misty on Day 2


Looking towards Kikelelwa Camp on Day 2 after 7 hours of walking, that's Mawenzi in the distance.


An incredible night view from Kikelelwa of the amazing Kibo that we will later climb

Amazing night view from Kikelelwa of Kibo which we willl climb in 3.5 days time.


Camp on Day 3 or 4, Mawenzi Camp where we stayed 2 nights, great view


Walking across the saddle towards Kibo


Hiking up and over the rocks towards the saddle - it's great to have some natural shots of hiking


We finished! At the Marengu Gate!! Enjoying a well deserved Kilimanjaro Beer


My certificate! Proof! Thank you Mufasa, King of Team Tembo


Team Tembo celebrate all together ( exlcuding our other 20 porters who were very much part of the crew)

Share with me your photos and memories of great times captured by another.

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