Melbourne, you are my home and I have sadly neglected you. I’ve been living here 5 months and I promised to write every day for the first month and share your wonderful treasures with the world- possibly wrote 5, epic fail.

View of Melbourne from St Kilda Pier

I was then all consumed by my journey to Climb Kilimanjaro. Training, working and focusing all my attention on that enormous challenge. I had little to no time to see or do anything else.

Me with Kili as my crowning glory

It’s now your time. Mountain conquered, mind open and a slower pace of life is coming. Giving me more time to discover and explore your intricate and intriguing ways. Melbourne is somewhere you need to take the time out to engage with  to see the real beauty and I cannot wait.

Tutankhamun exhibition at the Melbourne Museum

Expect many more Top 5 blogs of Cafes, bars, shops and areas that I have explored. I will also be sharing my wish lists of things to do and see.

Please send me suggestions, ideas and hot tips on what’s best of Melbourne.

I do enjoy my Weekend Notes emails and have got lots of ideas from here, but I also think it’s great to hear it from a friend.

Melbourne here I come!

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