Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright – Traveller Profile

Krystle Wright is an amazing adventure photographer who is always on the next big adventure. She's been to Baffin with a crew of base jumpers, Pakistan to capture para-gliders and even to Chitwan, Nepal for the elephant polo.   She has quality work and has been published in magazines and papers all over the world. … Continue reading Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright – Traveller Profile

Y Travel? Ask Caz MakePeace – Traveller Profile

Caz and Craig Makepeace are true travellers and lovely people! With 12 years of travel under their belt and so many amazing experiences, they are certainly the go to people for Travel advice. I met the great team through blogging and have really enjoyed getting to know them, in person and through their writing. Learn … Continue reading Y Travel? Ask Caz MakePeace – Traveller Profile

Views of Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro. The roof of Africa. The largest freestanding mountain in the world. A marvel and a beauty. I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and it was amazing to see it from so many angles and so many views.   Here I will share with you 5 gorgeous photos from 5 different points of the mountain. Each … Continue reading Views of Kilimanjaro

Dismas (MUFASA) Alex, TANZANIA, Travel Profile

Introducing you to Tanzania by Dismas (Mufasa) Alex.   Mufasa is a dear friend to me who I only recently met on my amazing and epic journey, Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. As head guide, mufasa is responsible for all arrangements with staff and for the primary care of all 9 international participants on the trip. He … Continue reading Dismas (MUFASA) Alex, TANZANIA, Travel Profile


Melbourne, you are my home and I have sadly neglected you. I’ve been living here 5 months and I promised to write every day for the first month and share your wonderful treasures with the world- possibly wrote 5, epic fail. I was then all consumed by my journey to Climb Kilimanjaro. Training, working and … Continue reading MELBOURNE – THIS IS YOUR TIME

Whales vs. Mermaids

My friend just posted this on Facebook and I think it is absolutely beautiful!! Women are gorgeous creatures - of all shapes and sizes, and the likeness to the Whale, more so than to the Mermaid, is such a wonderful metaphor. Please share this with your gorgeous girlfriends.   A while back, at the entrance … Continue reading Whales vs. Mermaids