Well cocktail style shotglass from St Maarten to resemble the lovely margaritas and daquiris we had on the beach.


St Maarten is an island in the Carribean and it was fortunately one of the lovely stops on our 7 day Cruise in february this year. This was a wonderfu day off the boat with bluebird skies, warm tropical weather and awesome tour guide and group of people.

We went to visit a hotel that had been devastated by the hurricane from years before but the area had never been restored and was quite a contrast from the rest of the tropical island.


We watched planes fly in to Princess Juliana International Airport and land right next to the beach- it’s amazing to stand in the water and have an aeroplane fly metres above you.


We ended our day on the French side of the island, sunbaking, drinking from coconuts, sipping on cocktails and swimmng in the sparkling ocean.


So many memories from this one little glass!


Thirsty Thursdays – SHOTGLASS MEMORIES

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