I wanted to do a big thank you to all my sponsors and supporters so far.


I can’t list all the people who have helped me to sell more than 90 boxes of chocolates and all those who have purchased them. I can thank Cadbury Fundraising for supplying the delicious yet devilish chocolates. I think if I see another Freddo I’m going to lose my mind.




I’ve had so many lovely messages and kind words sent to me which have been a great inspiration. I wanted to share with you the messages left on my official fundraising page. These lovely thoughts will keep me going on this big adventure.




Sarah Lovell31/08/2011 13:17:20



Onward and upward will be your motto!

Ross Kirby25/08/2011 23:01:55




For my God daughter. From the Godfather

Louisa Marcham25/08/2011 21:15:51



Good luck Em, what an amazing challenge!! Grandpa Jack would be so proud of you xxx

Jax Marcham22/08/2011 23:46:01



Well done Emma and look forward to hearing all about it! So proud of you and Grandpa will be looking down on your so proudly too xxxx

Katie20/08/2011 01:45:37



Good luck gorgeous.. am very proud of you cuz. Grandpa would be too xx

Sharni19/08/2011 09:49:49



Good luck Emma! It’s a great thing you’re doing xoxo

Laurence14/08/2011 23:14:41



Hey Emma! Your doing amazing things, keep it up : )

Vladimir Jankovic13/08/2011 18:21:46



You worked hard and got what you wanted. Congratulations!

Jodie Murray09/08/2011 09:26:28



Good Luck beautiful girl…what an amazing thing you are doing for your Grandpa…he would be so proud xxooxx

Lawrence Rathinam (BRUFA)08/08/2011 13:23:24



Hi Emma. Wish you all the best. Admire your effort to help those in despair. Have a safe trip. God bless.

Lawrence Rathinam (BRUFA)08/08/2011 13:23:24



Hi Emma. Wish you all the best. Admire your effort to help those in despair. Have a safe trip. God bless.

John and Joan Killick07/08/2011 13:45:12



Dearest Aunty Joan and Uncle John Killick. God Bless your loving hearts. You are the greatest support and I am thankful to have you in my life!

Mel Bateman07/08/2011 13:41:59



A beautiful girl and a generous donation. Thank you to Mel Bateman

Courtney Crow / http://www.ExplorerGirls.com07/08/2011 10:22:59



Hey Emma, good on you for taking on such a huge goal and doing it for such good cause! We at http://www.ExplorerGirls.com support you and are inspired by you! We hope you reach all your goals with fund raising and the big climb…what an amazing adventure you will have! You go girl!


Can’t wait to read all about it on your blogs!


Enjoy the Ride!


Brian Lovell08/07/2011 22:27:50



Extra donation part 1

Brian Lovell08/07/2011 22:27:16



Hi Em. Extra donation part 1, Love daddy xxx

Hannah DeMilta27/06/2011 18:24:30



Good luck on your journey Emma!

Sharon Richardson13/06/2011 14:51:40



Good luck sweetheart and best wishes !! Love Aunty Sharon and Uncle Mike

Sarah Lovell09/06/2011 20:52:30



Hi Em, a little more to help you on your way. Proud of you.

Mumma Lovell09/06/2011 20:51:53



A little more to help you on your way Em. So proud of you.

Emma Lovelly on behalf of friends09/06/2011 16:47:05



Thank you to Trevor, Cuz Bill and Aunty Linda and Uncle Colin for their Cash in hand donations!! These have been added to the total and mean a lot

Juana10/05/2011 10:21:55



I wish you every success Emma. I really admire your confidence

Robert Brown10/05/2011 09:27:31



Emma – your journey and reason is very close to my own families concern, with our mother


Good luck and travel safe

Chris Jensen09/05/2011 15:37:48



I’m very jealous of your adventure Emma. Hope you have a great time.

Laurence09/05/2011 14:37:37



Good luck Emma : ) Good on you, your work is inspiring to me.

David09/05/2011 14:18:27



Emma, best of luck

David09/05/2011 14:17:34



The best of Luck Emma

Lisa Rubio09/05/2011 13:25:11



Good luck Emma. We are part of Juana’s family and think very highly of your dad. He is very proud of you.

Tania V08/03/2011 13:13:19



Emma – Good on you for for taking on this amazing adventurous fundraiser in memory of your grandad. It really is such a special, worthwhile cause, and we wish you well.

Love Tania, Karla and Olivia xxx

Rach Thomas14/01/2011 14:24:08



Haha typo I meant to say ‘two’. Happy to help support you in your great goal – hope you reach the $10000!

Rach Thomas14/01/2011 14:18:49



Wow Em! What a great adventure you are taking on and for such a great cause. All the best for the climb – i’m sure you will do it with ease as you are so motivated and will have too angels looking out for you Xx

ELiza, Cathy and James Ajaka30/12/2010 09:47:58



Good luck Emma! A great cause!!!

Rebecca Robey25/11/2010 08:05:35



Congrats Em, this will certainly be a rewarding challenge..I’m sure your Grandpa would be very proud of you 🙂 Can’t wait to see the photos!!! All the best, Beck and Darren from Hanrob

Will Jeffries23/11/2010 11:07:41



Very impressive! good luck!

Bob Kelso17/11/2010 01:45:01



Ms Lovell(Y) – Please be careful on your climb. And your CUZZY Bill is a great friend.

Jess12/11/2010 11:52:16



YAAA! You are so adventurous! Go girl climb that mountain!

Jessica Ross11/11/2010 14:18:58



Hi Emma,

I don’t know you but I found this on Sharne’s page on facebook. It’s a great cause, good luck!

Sharne Lawson11/11/2010 13:48:42



Best of luck, Emma!

Chantelle Akapi10/11/2010 22:25:17



Good luck Emma!! Awesome cause BTW xo

Brian Lovell10/11/2010 17:00:52



Hi Emma darling. This is a great campaign both as a personal goal but also for the benefit of Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families. Lots of love, Daddy xxx

Mitch W09/11/2010 09:55:08



Good luck, Em! 🙂



Minimise Messages

Goal: $10,000

Raised: $4,075

Sponsors: 56

41% of goal achieved

Andrea Lovell 



I will be taking on my biggest Adventure yet, Climbing Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW!  I will Climb Kilimanjaro in honour of my Grandpa who passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2008. I was in Africa when I found out and I said at the time I would one day do this for him, in his memory! We are raising money for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to raise awareness and the necessary funds for prevention of the disease that affects so many. Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia, after heart disease and stroke. We must prevent and find a cure as it’s not a normal part of aging, and does affect 100,000’s of Australians.

Help me reach my $10.000 target by donating to my online fundraising page:



KILI COUNTDOWN – 16 Days to go



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