My delicious berry smoothie was infused with shisha. I swear, like a fine whiskey, they have smoked it over that lovely flavoured charcoal to leave a berrylicious aroma wafting in the back of my mouth and throat.



Perhaps I’ve been hitting the shisha a little too hard lately that it’s now starting to fog my brain. But I love it so much.


Shisha is the Arabic smoking vessel used for relaxing and enjoyment. You smoke a flavoured tobacco which is filtered throught the hubbly bubbly water and beautiful stained glass tubes.  Excessive use would definintely be harmful to your health, but the odd night of smokig shisha is very novel and relxing.

Shisha info:

My shisha smoking is generally reserved for my attempts to replicate Arabian nights when staying in India. Also for the fact that it’s easier when someone sets it up for you. But as my friend has one in his house in Melbourne just 10 minutes walk from my house, a midweek and  afterparty shisha session have been the go. It’s a great way to chill out and finish an evening. With some soft, white clouds of flavour infused smoke. (Yes – I do like to pretend I’m the caterpillar from Alcie in Wonderland)

Check out this totally trippy remix from Alice in Wonderland:

My recommendations are berry (of course), double apple, mint, pineapple apple mix, and much to my surprise, coffee! They are delicious.


I dare you to try the berry shisha and then go and buy a berry smoothie… see if you can see the resemblance.


Shisha can also be found in some Lebanese, Arabic and Indian Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.


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