Arriving at midnight after a full day at a theme park, taking a flight and then trying to navigate one of the World’s busiest subways to get to your uptown hostel is not the best plan.

Arriving at 2am to think our hostel had closed, having NYPD find us standing on the street and help us to wake the hostel owners and assist us on our guided tour… sorry Eastside Rivera Hostel. It was actually a really good hostel and so cheap, just a shaky start.


I must start by saying though, I HEART NY! I always thought I would, I always hoped that one day I would move there and work there, and that plan remains! I love it!


From the M&M store

Jamesie and I had 2 full, and I mean full, days together exploring! Hop on hop off bus, a walk across Brooklyn bridge, Times sq, m&m store, Hersheys store, the bull statue and more. Then a quick drink with one of my friends through 85Broads at night near our hostel.

Day 2 was jam packed with a boat tour around near the statue of liberty and then back on the hop on hop off. A brief stop at Ground Zero, which is actually really difficult and saddening then off to the NY YANKEE BASEBALL GAME. Really exciting and fun actually and then back in time to see the Empire State building at the strike of midnight. What a day! And so happy it was with my big bruv!

My brother and I in Times Square

Day 3 was a lot quieter. I went to meet my friends from University in Mexico, Sam and Juan, near the Cloisters in Fort Tyron Park. Entering the park makes you feel like you are in a completely new city, it’s lovely up there. We took it easy and just went to the Museum of Modern Art before I went to meet another friend Claire from Tec. We all met up to go out in the Meat Packing district later, ever so trendy.


The last day I was joined by my lovely Italian friend who I met whilst travelling through Mexico. We went on the SEX and the CITY tour, which I have dreamed about doing for about 4 years. My firend, being one of only 2 boys on the tour, was ready to kill me by the end after hearing me rave about the show for 3 hours, but we had a great time! We saw all the famous spots got the best cupcake in NY and had a Cosmo!

So many delicious Cosmo


Later we had lunch at Famous Juniors, had NY Cheesecake and went on the Brooklyn loop, gosh NY is huge. That night we were off out to the SKY bar to view the empire state, then out to some more bars with Sam and Juan. Home at 4am and then straight to the Airport for me.

I truly loved New York and cannot wait to get back there again!



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    1. Thanks so much for your comments!

      New York is incredible. Such an interesting and dynamic city. I only had 4 days but it was enough to know i love it and to be excited for my next visit


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