2 Weeks Until I climb a mountain

2 weeks today!   My how time flies when you are completely unprepared for the biggest adventure of your life. Unpacked, unfit and unaware of the enormity of the task that lay before me!   Ok not quite true. I’m going into panic mode again, I’m actually feeling really good about things and am finally … Continue reading 2 Weeks Until I climb a mountain

Walkmeter App for Fitness Training

I’ve started to use an application on my phone to monitor my walks and training. It’s called Walkmeter and it’s super easy to use and also uploads to my social media sites. Of course I love this aspect of it as I love sharing what I’m doing with anybody and everybody who will listen. You … Continue reading Walkmeter App for Fitness Training

Thank you to all my Sponsors

I wanted to do a big thank you to all my sponsors and supporters so far.   I can’t list all the people who have helped me to sell more than 90 boxes of chocolates and all those who have purchased them. I can thank Cadbury Fundraising for supplying the delicious yet devilish chocolates. I … Continue reading Thank you to all my Sponsors

Sober Sally for the Win

As of today, I’m a Sober Sally. No Alcohol at all until I’ve completed my Mt Kilimanjaro climb.   It’s going to be tough at times- with some big parties planned and even farewells party, but otherwise it won’t be too bad. I’ve done it before, 3 times in fact, given up alcohol for a … Continue reading Sober Sally for the Win

It’s my birthday – Make a donation to my Challenge

Today is my Birthday! I’m 24!! Happy Birthday to me!   As a special birthday gift, I’m asking everyone to donate $24 - A perfect donation would be $24 - $1 for every year that I’ve been alive.   Donations can be made here: http://my.artezpacific.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=357503&Lang=en-CA   I’m excited for my birthday, but I’m even more … Continue reading It’s my birthday – Make a donation to my Challenge

Beautiful Bracelets from Miss Mia Jewellery

On Sunday 27th July, my friend Steph and I hosted the Climb 2 Harry Potter Movie Event. This was a fundraiser for our upcoming Mt Kilmanjaro Climb 2 Remember for Charity. The event was a great success and we would like to thank one of our great sponsors and supporters, Miss Mia Jewellery.   Karen … Continue reading Beautiful Bracelets from Miss Mia Jewellery

Flashbacks to Africa

The drive, the motivation and the inspiration for my epic Kilimanjaro climb adventure came from my first visit to Africa in 2008. As I train and prepare to again visit the amazing and diverse continent, I’m having flashbacks of my first experience.   My trip in 2008 began on 1st December in South Africa. I … Continue reading Flashbacks to Africa