A gorgeous sunny saturday in St Kilda! What better day to get up and get out on a 2 hour training walk than this!

Stephs powering along the Beachfront

My friend Steph and I are participating in an epic challenge of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa this September. We have to get ourselves super fit and ready for the arduous task ahead. We are doing a walk every week and building up our strength so that we can comfortably, or less painfully, do the 6-8 hour trek everyday!


Fairy Penguins Live here!

We searched for the supposed fairy penguins, but to no avail. They definitey are in the area but we weren’t able to spot them and had to get on with our big walks.


We practiced our Mountain Conquering poses! I think this is a mandartory part of mountain climbing practice.

And we enjoyed the beautiful sights on a glorious day.

The Stunning Bay of St Kilda and Port Melbourne

Lots more practice to come.


If you would like to sponsor me or learn more about the Climb2Remember, visit my sponsor page.


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