At 11.32am, there was an earthquake in South East Victoria which Sent tremors throughout Melbourne Suburbs. The #Melbquake as it’s being decribed on Twitter was 4.4 magnitude but was only felt as small rumbling for 2-3 seconds in some suburbs closer to the city.


Gippsland Earthquake Shakes Melbourne, Victoria via @smh_news
(From Twitter)

At that time I was sitting in bed working on my laptop. The winds had been ferocious all morning and bashing at the walls of my small bungalow. I live in St Kilda on a quiet street approximately 2km from the beach. It’s reasonably sheltered but the winds were really knocking it about. Then I felt a shaking, quivering within me, as if I were sufering from vertigo and the feeling you might experience before you pass out. I definitely felt the bed move and rumble, I looked to the walls but the big gust of wind had died down.


I sat for a moment wondering if perhaps I was feeling a little unwell or if I had really just experienced an earthquake from the comfort of my own bed.


Ive been to Indonesia, New Zealand, California and other parts of the USA. These are earthwuake prone cuntries and one would think my first experience would be there but no. It was in my new home town of Melbourne. So sureal.


There is a rather funny image being circulated on Twitter of the damage experience in Melbourne …. a bike that has fallen over. Meaning, it really wasn’t anything very dramatic. But for me, it’s still quite an un-nerving experience and very strange.


alexanderb 5 hours 50 mins ago
Just saw this damage from the melb quake #melbquake
(From Twitter)


Let’s hope that was the first and last. Thinking of those in  Wellington, NZ who also experienced the earthquake but with a much greater magnitude of 6.5. That country needs a break, so I guess they are just trying to share some of their natural volitility with their ANZAC family across the seas.


Did you experience the Earthquake in Melbourne today?


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