Daddy’s little girl. That’s me for sure. Always have been apparently and I love to be.


I’ve been blessed with parents who love to Travel and who have made that a part of our lives. With them haling from the UK originally, it’s a necessity in order to maintain and build relationships with family and long term friends who are still living in their home country.



I’ve also been fortunate to have a father who for his Job has needed to travel consistently over the past 15 years, and 7 years ago brought me into that world.


Dad goes to an Asia pacific industry meeting for the Freight Forwarders and Customs associations, his profession. He took me with him to India as a treat and to show me into his world. I’d always taken such an interest in his work and his travel for work, he thought it high time for me to go.


Daddy and me in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I cherished our time together. 10 of the most incredible days. Meeting industry colleagues who have become friends, 17 different countries delegates, seeing sights that I could only dream to see on my own without being part of this corporate trip. Riding elephants, visiting forts in the desert and meeting a king. An amazing time for us to share together and a real bonding experience.


The following year I asked to join dad in Malaysia for the annual meeting, and after some hiccups in the planning and organization, I ended up helping out with some of the meeting plans. Dad said in future he would need me to work alongside him and needed the support! Enter annual trips to Asia and some invaluable work and life experience. Not to mention incredible friends.

So in 7 years we have been to:


2005 -Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

2006- Gentings, Malaysia

2007- Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

2008- Tokyo, Japan

2009 – Bangkok, Thailand

2010 –Sentosa Island, Singapore

2011 – Dhaka, Bangladesh


Sentosa Island, Singapore

My father and I have built a strong and cooperative working relationship. We are able to put our heads down and get the work done, and then make time for personal bonding and quality family time.  I cherish our annual trips and these special moments we have together. I’m such a lucky girl and I know I am truly blessed.


Excited for our next Adventure, this year, Dhaka Bangladesh – what mischief, mayhem and magical moments will we share this time!


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