More Media for Climb2Remember

  So excited to be having some more media attention for my climb2remember challenge in September this year.   I sent out a press release recently to some Melbourne Media.   We got some space on the Femail website:   And also a spot on Mia Cares on Mamamia website:   Every … Continue reading More Media for Climb2Remember

Memories of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has suprised me with it's beauty, warmth and calm. I have such fond memories and happy thoughts of Dhaka. I was only there 10 days ago and I'm already planning when I can get back there.   I had been warned continuously of the shocking things I would see and experience. How Bangladesh is … Continue reading Memories of Bangladesh

Training Walks in St Kilda

A gorgeous sunny saturday in St Kilda! What better day to get up and get out on a 2 hour training walk than this! My friend Steph and I are participating in an epic challenge of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa this September. We have to get ourselves super fit and ready for the arduous … Continue reading Training Walks in St Kilda

Finally bought my boots!

At long last, with less than 2 months to go, I have achieved the unachievable and bought my boots.     A cold rainy day, sitting around my room and feeling daunted at the great task ahead of me, I decided I had to be proactive. Boots are the most important accessory for this mountain … Continue reading Finally bought my boots!

Tough Day

Today was not a good day. I think it’s important to share these thoughts and feelings. Not every day is a great day and especially when you are approaching a big challenge or adventure in your life, these days can come around.   Sitting in my room, I received the call about my final payment … Continue reading Tough Day

Melbourne Earthquake Rocks My World

At 11.32am, there was an earthquake in South East Victoria which Sent tremors throughout Melbourne Suburbs. The #Melbquake as it's being decribed on Twitter was 4.4 magnitude but was only felt as small rumbling for 2-3 seconds in some suburbs closer to the city.   Gippsland Earthquake Shakes Melbourne, Victoria via @smh_news (From Twitter) … Continue reading Melbourne Earthquake Rocks My World

Daddy Daughter Travel

Daddy’s little girl. That’s me for sure. Always have been apparently and I love to be.   I’ve been blessed with parents who love to Travel and who have made that a part of our lives. With them haling from the UK originally, it’s a necessity in order to maintain and build relationships with family … Continue reading Daddy Daughter Travel