I feel by the time I go on my mountain Climb in September, I shall have conquered the Adventure Store shopping expedition.

I will share with you soon my packing list…. It’s 2 pages and man are there a lot of things. I don’t know how I’m going to only have 15 kg!! There is too much stuff.

Gaitors? What the?

Apaprently they are like shin guard/ pant covers- they cost $100 and really… I see no point in them. I can put up with some dirt on my trousers if it means saving that much money.

The list actually intimidated me and made me feel really unprepared- which would have a grain of truth to it, but seriously, I gotta get myself ready.

My friend came with me and helped me to tick off the things I had on my list – that was about 3 out of 75… ooooh no! We tried on Boots at Paddy Pallin but I wasn;t really feeling it. Plus the extortionate process started to really irritate me.

We went to Kathmandu next, and with 60% off for the EOFYS sale made me feel more positive about the shopping experience and my bank account. I liked the boots better here but really need to try more on and get a better feel for it. I don’t know what I’m really looking for – It’s rather frustrating.

I tried on a few backpacks and questioned the need for a 35L backpack. They’re actually massive!! I really don’t think that’s necessary. I’m gonna buy the things I feel suit me more- I think this whole over prepared thing is a bit unnecessary.

I then bought my camel pack, which I’ve long desired, a polar fleece ($50 reduced from $130- score!) and a microfiber towel. I felt a bit better now that I had a few items. But many more shopping trips are needed. A discussion with mumma at home also proved to be fruitful as she has quite a few items I’m going to be needing for the trip including bed matt, and my windproof jacket!

This mountain climb is proving to be a challenge in so many ways.

I’m doing this climb for the benefit of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW:

To sponsor, click here

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