Singapore has to be one of the top Transit airports in the world. I feel like I’m popping in and out of this place on a monthly basis, well maybe bi-annually, but regularly for sure! And it’s a great airport to be in.


The Singapore Changi Airport has everything the traveler can ask for. Good signage, well laid out, English and international signs, helpful information desks and service people wherever you go. A good range of food places and bars to keep you all snacked up and lots of the yummy Singapore delicacies that you always look forward to – mmm noodles and iced tea.


The Experience Zone


The shopping here is also fantastic. You definitely don’t have to go all the way to the centre of the city. The big brands are all in here and there are some awesome deals on the Duty Free. I’m definitely hanging out to buy any liquor and perfume here. The prices are the same if not cheaper than Australian dollar, and the exchange rate $SD 1.28 = $AD 1 at the moment. Bargains. $AD 33 for a bottle of Absolut Vodka and Grants Scotch! Amazing.



I’m sitting here enjoying this view of the forest and the Singapore Airlines planes waiting for me in the distance, with a lovely blue sky and interesting clouds.



That sweet, sticky and aromatic smell of Asia brings back lovely memories and familiar feelings as I walk off the plane. However you also get slapped in the face with the humidity. The warmth and tropical air in the airport is probably the only thing I really wish to complain about. But when you come across a topical rainforest in the middle of the airport, you don’t mind so much.



For more information on Changi Airport, click here.


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