I’m off again. More Travel and more adventures.


This time I’ll be going to Sydney and Bangladesh and I’ll be away for 10 days.

It’s only been 4 weeks since I was last in Sydney but if it work calls for me to travel, then that’s what I have to do.








I’ll be heading to Sydney for work with FAPAA/ AFIF to get ready for heading to Bangladesh. I’ll be there working as the administrator for the Fedearation of Asia Pacific air Cargo Assocation’s annual meeting. There will be 18 delegate countries there and after going for 7 years, I have made some truly wonderful friends and valuable work colleagues.




I’ll also be in Sydney for the #TravelMassive after party following the Web in Travel Conference. I learnt about Travel Massive through Twitter and have made some really good friends in the industry through our meetups.


Whilst in Sydney I’ll also be visiting my new work, TravelCandy. There’ll definitely be more posts about them! They’re a travel website which offers hotel offers and deals for an exclusive members only club. www.travelcandy.com.au. I’ve always wanted to work for a Travel company and I’m enjoying working with the team.



I’ll miss Melbourne whilst I’m away. I love living here. But I also love Travel and look forward to more escapades.


Hoping to have many interesting stories from Dhaka, Bangladesh..


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