They say when you are training for a large event, such as Mountain Climbing, it’s important to Cross Train.


So I decided some underwater Gymnastics would be a great way to get in shape for the big climb.



Well it was semi training… predominantly for my friends photoshoot. She was creating an artwork using underwater images. It was great fun frolicking under the water trying to get the best angles on the shots.



I also did get a workout before hand when we went surfing one chilly  morning and then an active swim/photo session.



I’m training for my Climb to Kilimanjaro on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. Climbing a mountain is going to need a whole lot more training. So stay tuned for my updates on my adventurous activities.


To donate to my big challenge:

Or to attend our movie event in Melbourne:


Photos taken in the Sea Pools, South Cronulla, Cronulla Beach, NSW, Australia

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