It’s crunch time! I leave in 3 months to take on my biggest adventure yet!!

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa with Alzheimer’s Australia NSW.

I’ll be doing this with about 10 people and we will hopefully all get to the summit.

My friend Steph has just joined me which is super exciting and a great Motivator! So we have started Training together.

Starting with 1 hour walks once a week, as well as pilates once a week (for breathing) and then our own independant strength trainings. We will soon be moving it up to 2 hour walks once a week, then twice a week then we will take on some MASSIVE 8 hour walks before we head off.

On Saturday last week, we went off from Richmond and walked round the Yarra and up through to the convent and Farmers market. Great views! But nothing compared to Kili!!! It’s getting exciting….

So stay tuned for our travel updates and photos of us in our hiking gear and on our walk-a-thons haha!

To donate directly, you can visit my fundraising page:

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