My Beautiful Day at the Beauty Parlour in Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh is the Tourism Boards phrase at the moment and they certainly delivered - not only with their lovely country but also in making me feel beautiful with a relazing day at the beauty parlour.     These women really know how to pamper you. 3 hours worth of beauty treatments and I felt … Continue reading My Beautiful Day at the Beauty Parlour in Bangladesh

Conquering the Adventure Clothing Stores

I feel by the time I go on my mountain Climb in September, I shall have conquered the Adventure Store shopping expedition. I will share with you soon my packing list…. It’s 2 pages and man are there a lot of things. I don’t know how I’m going to only have 15 kg!! There is … Continue reading Conquering the Adventure Clothing Stores

Sad Lion in the Bangladesh Zoo

I was warned many times before I went to the Bangladesh Zoo that it was not much to see and nothing special. I was also told the animals were not well taken care of and that they were perhaps underfed. I didn't expect to see some of the saddest animals in the world. They had … Continue reading Sad Lion in the Bangladesh Zoo

More Media for Climb2Remember

So excited to be having some more media attention for my climb2remember challenge in September this year.   I sent out a press release recently to some Melbourne Media.   We got some space on the Femail website: - And also a spot on Mia Cares on Mamamia website:   Every little bit … Continue reading More Media for Climb2Remember

Commanding Respect

Something I love in South Asia, though I know it can be seen as bad and wrong in some circles, is the commanding of respect.   A boss can walk into his office and his staff of 20 will stand immediately. Whilst he walks about with his guests or colleague, they will remain standing. This … Continue reading Commanding Respect

Sweet Singapore Stopover

Singapore has to be one of the top Transit airports in the world. I feel like I’m popping in and out of this place on a monthly basis, well maybe bi-annually, but regularly for sure! And it’s a great airport to be in.   The Singapore Changi Airport has everything the traveler can ask for. … Continue reading Sweet Singapore Stopover

People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime

People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime    This phrase rings so true for me in so many situations in my life. It's sometimes hard to let go of a relationship, or a time. Some thins we wish could last last forever, but they are not always meant to, and learning to accept this … Continue reading People come into your life for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime