Day 4- Friday 22/04/11

Damn straight it’s a good Friday! When you have your best friend with you, you get some cash in the morning, it’s a sunny day out and you have nothing on your agenda. Chillax time.

Good Friday should be a day of rest and respect. As this is the day that Jesus gave his life for us.  Sadly over the years, it has come to be that shops open for a few hours here or there, trains still run, and people go about their normal business.

I liked having  no plan, spending quality time with friends, checking out the sunshine, and resting. This is what Good Friday is all about.

Bars would more than likely be closed, restaurants were barely open and it meant that I was almost forced to take some down time- which is usually a difficult task for me. A movie at home, an early night and a snuggle with the cat. HAPPY.

What did you get up to on Good Friday 2011?

What does it mean to you?

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