Day 3-  Thursday 21/04/11 – DOGS BAR

What does one do on a sunny Thursday afternoon, the day before the very ong weekend and when there are no work or study commitments. Head to the bar of course.

I went straight to the beachy area o St Kilda and met my lovely friend outside the famous Luna Park and we went to her local and favourite bar, Dogs Bar.

Dogs Bar is the perfect people watching, celeb spotting, wine sipping venue for a lovely afternoon catch up. Yes we did start drinking wine, a bottle none the less, at 4pm, but hey! It’s the long weekend. We deserve it!

Dogs Bar is a large venue set in a cool old Victorian style building. The décor is rustic and the wine menu is vast. They also have a fantastic food selection. I couldn’t go past the Meatball pizza wit chili and basil on the specials board and I was not disappointed. A delicious light meal to go with a lovely Rose.

Deni Hines, singer, personality and daughter of  Marcia Hines Australian Idol host. was stting at the table just across from us so I got my celeb spotting badge (forursquare reference). I moved here recently from Sydney , and I know that a lot of celebs do hang out here, but I didn’t expect to see one so soon. Trust, I never see them out and about in Sydney, I’m not a mad stalker fan, but it is nice to recognize people and to have the validation that the place I’m eating or drinking in is somewhat  trendy.

Dog’s Bar will definitely be experiencing a few more visits from me! I loved the vibe, the staff were welcoming, hilarious and helpful all at the same time. My friend has advised me that Sunday is the night to be there when they have a jazz/blues/swing night with great music and a pulsing atmosphere.

Dogs Bar is located at:

54 Acland Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
(03) 8534 3000
Visit the website for more details:

Don’t be deterred by the name, there are anything but dogs here. Trendy is the word!

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