Having friends come to Visit your home city is a wonderful way to rediscover and reconnect with your city!


I have had a friend here from the States over the last week and I have been playing “TOUR GUIDE EMMA”. I get to show him all my favourite things about Sydney and surrounds. also why Australia is so beautiful.


Stanwell Park, South of Sydney



Day one I took him straight out of Sydney down the south  coast. We drove through the national Park at Sutherland and out towards the Wollongong coast. We stopped in Helensburgh at the amazing Symbio Animal Park – www.symbiozoo.com.au.



Symbio provides visitors with the best opportunity to have a close encounter with our national animals. Pat a Koala during the Koala and feeding talk, pet the kangaroos as they hop around in the refuge and play with a dingo’s tale as he goes on his afternoon walk. You can also hold wombats, pat snakes and watch the new Tigers eat there afternoon meal. An unusual orray of animals but a wonderful experience to really get up close and personal with so many beautiful creatures.

Art feeds the Kangaroo!! A true aussie experience



1pm and we were starved! Off to AustiCafe in Austinmeir for a lovely lunch and of course a Gelato on a sunny day. Beautiful view and a wonderful drive along the coast road and sea cliff bridge at coalcliff. This is a must for people visiting Sydney.


Great beach views from Austi Cafe


We then went to Stanwell Park for a walk on the Beach followed by a drive up to Stanwell Tops to watch the paragliders and hang gliders do their things. So peaceful, calm and beautiful. The simplicity of the natural coastline and the beauty of nature made us so happy.


It was off to the city the next day, Bondi Beach of course. An afternoon playing in the waves, lazing in the sun and followed by a delicious fish and chip dinner! What more can you want…. more gelato! Of course you do. So a delicious gelato as we watched the sunset.

Off to Manly tomorrow for more adventures.


How lucky am I to get to experience the beauty of this city I live in through a whole new pair of eyes.


Offer to be a tour guide to your friends. You’ll get as much out of it as they do.



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