Day 9 – 27/04/11

Public Transport in Melbourne

I am in love with Public Transport in Melbourne. Easy, accessible, flexible and so many options. Trams, Trains, buses, cheaper cabs and great walks.

I was a bit concerned when I first got here as everyone seems to understand the system so well and I didn’t want to look like too much of a tourist, but getting a grip on it has been super easy.

Using the Metlink App on my Iphone has not been as easy, must admit, not such a fan. It has led me astray now 3 times. It seems to be rather inaccurate and also not really no the true coordinates of certain destinations. For example, Melbourne Cricket Ground. A massive landmark in Melbourne, not only in size but also in popularity. I had to get there on Tuesday and when I typed it in, I had little success. MCG. Nope, not registered. Ok so let’s try “ Melbourne Cricket Ground”. Yes! It tells me from East St Kilda to get one tram and it should take half hour. Sweet!! No, not so sweet. It drops me on the corner of commercial rd, and

St Kilda rd. Next to a tiny park and with the no enormous stadium anywhere in view. A $20 cab ride with a stupid driver who relied on my iphone’s maps app to get us to the right spot left me frustrated and angry.

This is one of those times where you should listen to your friends who give you advice. I was told to take the train from Balaclava to Richmond which would take approx 10 mins and this would put me right in front of the stadium. This information was correct. My error – leaving it too late to walk down and not really looking into that option, relying on the tram just outside the front of the house… error!!

Lessons Learnt:

–       check Metlink,

–       Confirm the travel route with a knowledgeable friend or local

–       Allow plenty of time in case of error.

–       Do not get a cab!! Waste when there is great transport options. f

Words of Wisdom from a now more transport savvy Melbournian.

I still love the transport though. There are loads of options, it’s fast and it’s very user friendly. Great signage and directions at all stations and stops.

App = Metlink (FREE)

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