First week in Melbourne and I find myself at the Channel 10 studios and lining up to enter the 7pm studio. How cool is this. Loving Melbourne.

My cousin works at Channel 10 in the production teams and switch rooms. I said I would try to pop in and visit him at some point and he said I could go watch 7pm Project or The Circle which he works on.

Me being the clever girl I am, let my phone go dead and had no way to contact him, so I decided to wing it. I rocked up at the Channel Ten tower. Got a guy to let me knot Reception, got reception to direct me to the &pm Project rooms, he sent me to the level where it’s filned only to have a lady tell me I was in the wrong place but she was happy to help me find the way. On the way we walked past Charlie Pickering…. Haha so weird being in TV world.

I was taken back to reception where after much persuasion I was permitted to charge my phone and contact my cuz, as I didn’t have his number. In the meantime I chat to the two staff/ security there. They are the “audience wranglers” for 7pm project. Adter chatting for a while and testing my cuz, who is busy working on the news, they say I can ho with them to bump into him, and perhaps see the show.

Long story short, I make best friends with these guys, I get to go into the audience with them. During the first ad break my cuz comes in and is gob smacked that I’ve managed to talk my way into the filming of a show. He surely doesn’t know me that well.’

The show filming was great!! Dave Hughes is hilarious and in every break he comes to entertain the audience. Its really relaxed and casual. It’s great seeing how it all works and we got lollies to keep us hyped up and energetic hahaha!

To go and watch the show yourself just go to the 7pm poroject webaite and register to be a free audience member, so easy! And it’s a great experience.

I will definitely be heading back soon to see my mates and hassle my cuz into letting me on the show!! Stay tuned…

Visit them at

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