Lakes Entrance, Victoria, is perfect for a weekend getaway. A stunning spot on the south coast of Australia and just 4 hours from Melbourne city, this is perfect to get your beach dose.

As the name suggests, there are also Lakes in this area. The town actually has a lake with a bridge leading over the lake to the Beach. Very unusual but it’s beautiful and best of both worlds. Some don’tlike the rough and big waves, and so they can have the fun of the sandy beaches with the peaceful waters of the lake.

I was there for work and got put up in a pimp apartment right on the water front at Lake Tyres, 10 minutes down the road. A stunning lake with beautiful sunsets and a short walk over the sand dunes to the beach provided the most magical evening. We sat on the beach with a few drinks and watched the sky change colours in the magical way that can always take your breath away.

We had a great little pub at the bottom of the hill too with a great view of the beach, and yummy food! Great atmosphere for a quiet holiday spot.

I would totally recommend a 3 or 4 day getaway here. You can also stop here on the way to the Great Ocean Road and really get to enjoy this little gem whilst seeing some of Australias other great sights. The drive is easy and pretty through Gippsland farm country, and then the famous bush of Oz.

Cafes and all facilities, including wifi in some cafes available in town.

Check out the Lakes Entrance webpage here

Enjoy the best of both worlds at Lakes Entrance!

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