Picture memory! This is a photo from my time in Mexico. 5 friends, went into the dessert and frolicked about like idiots. Also has the time of their lives. Make your Mark when you travel. Enjoy your time and leave it stamped in your memory. Visit Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico to experience the beauty and … Continue reading Handprints

My Snow Tips – Published!

So excited to be published in Your Money Mag. I gave tips on planning a trip to the snow and how we managed to get such a great deal on a NZ Ski Trip in 2010. Tips: - Do your research - Talk to a Travel Agent - Compare and challenge quotes with a number … Continue reading My Snow Tips – Published!

Save the Queen

Save the Queen India Style - This may sound like an unusual name for a game which we  WERE PLAYING IN INDIA, but that's how we roll. - Save the queen is a drinking game where one drops a coin into someone elses drink and when this happens, they must consume the rest of their … Continue reading Save the Queen

Dogs Bar – St Kilda

Day 3-  Thursday 21/04/11 - DOGS BAR What does one do on a sunny Thursday afternoon, the day before the very ong weekend and when there are no work or study commitments. Head to the bar of course. I went straight to the beachy area o St Kilda and met my lovely friend outside the … Continue reading Dogs Bar – St Kilda

Rediscovering the Beauty of Australia

Having friends come to Visit your home city is a wonderful way to rediscover and reconnect with your city!   I have had a friend here from the States over the last week and I have been playing "TOUR GUIDE EMMA". I get to show him all my favourite things about Sydney and surrounds. also … Continue reading Rediscovering the Beauty of Australia

Metlink Iphone APP

Day 9 - 27/04/11 Public Transport in Melbourne I am in love with Public Transport in Melbourne. Easy, accessible, flexible and so many options. Trams, Trains, buses, cheaper cabs and great walks. - I was a bit concerned when I first got here as everyone seems to understand the system so well and I didn’t … Continue reading Metlink Iphone APP

AFL is new to me!

Day 8- Tuesday - 26/04/11 I have never been a fan of AFL. I admit it. It’s not a popular sport in NSW and really and truly the rules are just a mystery to me. - I played AFL for a GALA day when I was 12 and also studied the game in Human Movement … Continue reading AFL is new to me!