So we’ve finished Week 2 and the Half Baked campaign continues.
I must admit I came up against a few walls this week. I couldn’t find my flavour anywhere… well in the 3 places I tried and I found it somewhat disheartening.

But in the 11th hour/ on Sunday, I FOUND IT.



Cronulla BP in Sydney came through with the goods. And the deliciousness was enjoyed by one and all, as you will see in the photos.


I ventured to Melbourne last weejend and visited the Hoyts Scoop Store in Chadstone. Sadly to no avail! No scoops of Half Baked and no pints.


So When I got back to Sydney I thought I’d take a visit to the Broadway Hoyts Scoop Shop. NO!!! No scoops and no pints. Devastation was fast approaching.

So I decided to look to my nearest distributors. Engadine, my old home town was definitely the place I would find it!none again!! Strawberry and Vanilla only. Are you kidding me with this? I was feeling really low…. and probably due to my lack of sweet goodness.


So this is why you need to VOTE FOR HALF BAKED!!! We need to have a wider distribution and availability of the best flavour. So you can taste it and love it!!

Some cool photos and a few videos are up now. Hoping to get a lot of footage this coming week at my FLAVOUR RALLY!
Being held at UTS in Sydney. corner of Broadway and Harris St! Be there for some free ice cream of the best variety!!


Details here :

Thanks for your support and remember.


CheersEmma Half Baked Lovelly

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