Listed here are 5 things you must not do on a cruise. I call them my no no cruise etiquette! Please read and share with all future cruise goers!!!!


1. Smoke in any public area

Why on a plane, in a lot of city restaurants, shopping centres and other enclosed public spaces is smoking banned, but on an enormous cruise liner. Granted, no smoking in dining areas, but there are still some bars, clubs and the casino where people are permitted to smoke. And more annoyingly on the top decks. Hello people,. You are on a ship, the wind blows and the smoke goes with it. Last night my friend and I went to get some “fresh” air and a smoker soon joined us on the outer deck and started blowing smoke in our face.


Smoking should be banned on cruise ships except an open space at the very back of the cruise. No exceptions!!!


2. Act like  a tool

I aim this one at a particular individual that I unfortunately bumped into on a  number of occasions on my cruise! This douche bag was a loud mouth from day 1, during the security and safety talk. Making sure everyone heres and see s him at all time, he has to be the centre of attention. I had the misfortune of then seeing him 3 times within 24 hours. Occasion one was at the Casino bar where he was being loud, obnoxious and speaking aggressively to my favourite bartender which led me to leave the casino early. We walked into a game show and of course, he was down on the floor as one of the team captains. Dude – can I point out that you are not the cruise directior and you are not a celebrity- nobosy wants to see your face. And finally the next day in the Seciest man competition on the pool deck. Fortunately the sensible judges did not name him the winner and some sweet other guys got far more attention.

Have fun by all means but get out of everyone’s face. We didn’t come to see the douche bag show, we’re here to relax. End rant here!

3. Eat the fish that’s in the warmer at lunch

Fish that is sitting in a buffet warmer is never a good choice. Lying down for 2 hours afterwards, nursing a weak stomach is not an enjoyable cruise past time.

(Note: This is not the incriminating fish. This is a lobster tail which was nice, but again, not amazing on the old stomach)


4. Go In the hot tub when sunburnt

I was fortunate enough to keep my redness to a minimum, but an unfortunate individual who sat in the spa when I did was red raw and he was not having a happy time. Spas are great but they are hot- heat and heat don’t mix.


  1. 5. Go to the Casino by yourself

Dad decided after he couldn’t find me and my friends on the main promenade that he would wait for us in the casino. WRONG! He lost $100 on Roulette in 15 minutes. With no friends to cheer you on or share the experience with, the casino can be a very lonely place.

If you take some of these suggestions, I do hope that your cruising experience will be that bit more enjoyable.



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