Citizen Ladies ECo Drive Watch – my ultimte bling bling! And first ever Real watch



I had seen this watch in the UK for a handsome sum and decided to save my pennies. I fell in love with the Citizen brand a year ago when I worked along side them at a show. The watches are stunning. After thinking about this watch for a while, I was delighted to see it on my cruise ship in February with a 40% discount. Real diamonds, stainless steel and mother of pearl face. But still! I was not ready for the commitment to a 15 year watch lifetime. I usuaally by $20 ones in Asia but this adds up fast!

So we stopped on our cruise in the wonderful port of St Thomas! Ladies, hide your credit cards, this ones gonna get you. We get dropped off by a driver right in the heart of the jewellery area and I’m bedazzled. We decide to make an effort to look at the watches whilst we are here and the prices are fantastic. I meet the lovely Andy in the House of Rajah and we hit it off right away. He comes out to Sydney a lot so chatted to us about that! He also knew a lot about the divine citizen watches!

I selected 2 to try on…. try before you buy, but know that you are not going to want to take them off. We um’d and ahhed for a good 10 minutes between 2 styles. finally we selected the smaller of the 2 due to my very feminine and delicate wrists- oh you guys flatter me!!


Due to the rapport I had now built with the lovely Andy, I urged him to give me a further discount and round the price up. He is a gem! He did just this, and to sweeten the shopping trip, Dad bought it for me for my birthday! Best day ever!


Andy is an awesome guy as well as an expert when it comes to jewllery, watches and precious stones. He’s often down in Sydney at Jewellery fares but otherwise you can catch him island hopping in the Carribean.


To contact the store:


House of Rajah Jewelers……Est.1973
5332 Raadets Gade
St.Thomas, VI  00802
Tel: 800-316-3616 or 340-776-7770
Fax: 340-777-8898
If you like the watches, check out the Citizen site:

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