Hey guys


So not sure if you know, but i’m in this Ben & Jerry’s Flavour election representing HALF BAKED!
This gives me the chance to win a trip to any ben and jerry’s in the world or win a trip to vermont to visit ben & Jerry’s.
this is my favourite ice cream in the whole wide world, and that is saying a lot!!
I would love your support on this!
The ways to vote and to help me get votes are:
– Like the page on the website – http://www.flavourelection.com.au/half-baked
– Share this link on your Facebook wall.
– Share this link on TWITTER and push #halfbaked
– share this link via email with your friends
– comment on the links on the Ben & jerry’s australia page on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/BenandJerryAustralia
so basically get as many people as possible talking about Ben & jerry’s HALF BAKED!!
You can see the tally on my page…. 3 flavours are beating me! This is not cool hahah. We gotta boost this.
I appreciate your support.
Do try HALF BAKED. It is truly delicious!
And also watch me making a fool of myself in my video at the http://www.flavourelection.com.au/half-baked page

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