I love the Serbs!


Anyone who went to University will know that as you could often find me swanning around with the 6ft + Serbian basketballers. After many a good night out on the town, I have also picked up some of their language!!


I was surprised and delighted to meet a Serbian bartender in the Casino Bar on my recent cruise to the Caribbean. As soon as I saw his name, Milenkovic, I knew he was one of the serbs. I shouted across the bar “I love the serbs” and he replied “ haha and you are jailbait”. Insulting yet funny! Instant friends.

I proceeded to spend every night at the Casino with my friends and would only purchase drinks off my good friend at the bar. On the cruise they get a gratuity included in the drink price. This is like a tip, then you can give another tip on top of that. I would much rather see the good staff that I like get the money, then float around to all bars.

Milenkovic makes a wicked cocktail. Just tell him the flavour you are after, and he will mix you up a delicious concoction. And always strong!!!


I used my Serbian words to get some extra cherries in my drink, such as”


Jivoli: Cheers

Hvala: Thank you



Then Mr Serb decided to teach me another new phrase. The most beautiful words in any language;


Volim te – I LOVE YOU.


Subtle Milenkovic.


Hahah On the last night we had a great time with some other guests and my travelling buddy Nudie.



If you would like to experience the hilarity and delicious cocktails with the cruising Serb, just board the Freedom of the Seas, Royal Carribean Cruise in the next 4 months.


Happy hour is every hour on the cruise!!


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