Walking into the dining room on your first night of cruising can be rather daunting. You are going to be sat on a table with 8 strangers and you will be placed on this same table every night of your cruise. Now whether you like it or not, you have to try and get on with the people or choose to dine in the cafeterias or buffet hall.


My father and I were pleasantly surprised to meet 6 of the most lovely people on board, and the next night be joined by 2 other charming ladies, forming what we now know Team 504.



Team 504 is the life of the party. We can be heard form the other side of the dining hall, we stay for at least 2 hours every night, and it’s non stop laughs right the way through.


For some strange reason, unless the dining room planner is a mind reader, our table was placed on the my time dining side- away from all the other late seating diners. They would now be glad of this decision, as by 9.30pm our side is completely cleared out and it’s just our rowdy table left. We keep our waiter, assistant waiter and maître de on their toes the entire time!

We have 2 guys, best friends, from Long Island, New York. They are typical New Yorkers and we spend most of our time trying to crack the best joke at another’s expense. Next there is the lovely Judy and Dave, Canadians from Ontario. They are a hoot!! Dave is straight as an arrow and calls a spade a spade whilst Judy has a laugh that can be heard from the other end of the ship and the most darling heart. The pair of them come out with hilarious sayings and will always surprise you. Our next lovely couple are from Jacksonville, Florida. They have a lovely southern accent and the typical warm southern hospitality. The husband used to drive competitively in dirt track car racing and his wife is just gorgeous. I always enjoy catching up on what they did in their day. Our late but great additions were two of the temporary crew, 2 ladies working on the jewellery stands on the promenade. The things that come out of their mouth need to be recorded because it’s a laugh a minute.



Together, we are team 504, and I look forward to many more years of friendship and fun with these people!


How lucky am I!


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