Flavour Election HALF BAKED – Wk 2

So we've finished Week 2 and the Half Baked campaign continues. I must admit I came up against a few walls this week. I couldn't find my flavour anywhere... well in the 3 places I tried and I found it somewhat disheartening. But in the 11th hour/ on Sunday, I FOUND IT.     Cronulla … Continue reading Flavour Election HALF BAKED – Wk 2

Why Smoke on a Cruise??

  Caribbean cruises are exotic, exciting, relaxing and luxurious way to spend your holiday. Sneezing, rubbing itchy eyes and coughing up a lung should not be associated with cruising. Sadly, as Smoking is still permitted in a number of areas on the cruise, these are some of the things you may experience. One of the … Continue reading Why Smoke on a Cruise??

The 5 big No-No’s on a Cruise!

Listed here are 5 things you must not do on a cruise. I call them my no no cruise etiquette! Please read and share with all future cruise goers!!!!   1. Smoke in any public area Why on a plane, in a lot of city restaurants, shopping centres and other enclosed public spaces is smoking … Continue reading The 5 big No-No’s on a Cruise!

Bling Bling Watch

Citizen Ladies ECo Drive Watch - my ultimte bling bling! And first ever Real watch     I had seen this watch in the UK for a handsome sum and decided to save my pennies. I fell in love with the Citizen brand a year ago when I worked along side them at a show. … Continue reading Bling Bling Watch

Red and Blue KU

I'm totally down with the KU Basketball team at the moment!!   After recently making a friend from Kansas I have been introduced to American College Basketball and have of course been swyaed to go for the Kansas Team. so Big Up KANSAS Jayhawks!!   Basketball is huge in America and once you got your … Continue reading Red and Blue KU


Hey guys   So not sure if you know, but i'm in this Ben & Jerry's Flavour election representing HALF BAKED! This gives me the chance to win a trip to any ben and jerry's in the world or win a trip to vermont to visit ben & Jerry's. this is my favourite ice cream … Continue reading I NEED YOU …. to VOTE!

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election – Vote for me!

HEY loyal friends and family,     So we knew it wouldn't be long before I was off on my next adventure!!     This is it:   http://www.flavourelection.com.au!   From March 7th - April 12th I will be campaigning for Ben & Jerry's and my favourite flavour to win!!!     HALF BAKED!   … Continue reading Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election – Vote for me!