Pizza free anytime of the day on a cruise ship is great. Visiting it every single night and having 2-3 slices before Bed at 2.30 is not so great.

I have been hitting up the casino and following it up with some dancing in the Crypt dance club every night on the cruise. Now when dinner is at 9pm, come 2am, one is rather hungry. So a 24 hour pizza shop comes in rather handy.


Pepperoni, California chicken, Margarita and yummy vegetarian! Delicious pizza and always fresh, especially when you make friends with the Indian Waiter.


I am glad this cruise is only 7 days in a way, this habit is becoming far too good. I don’t even eat pizza back home but when you get all expenses paid all things included, you gotta take advantage.


And we certainly are! As are most guests. At 2am, Sorrento’s Pizza is the most happening place on the Freedom of the Seas ship. Pizza party!!


Have another slice!


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