So long 2010, Bring on 2011

by Emma Lovell on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 at 05:00



4 Days late but you all should have recovered by now.


Hope you had a wonderful night. Mine was quiet and spent with my lovely aunts and uncles. Just what I wanted. We had a surprise of the neighbours setting off fireworks in the backyard which we could see clearly through the glass conservatory roof. Just lovely.

So 2010 was a crazy big year, and a lot has changed. Here’s just a few highlights.


– Graduating from UTS with a Bachelor of Business with Distinction

– Having Pogojo, my company, making headlines across various news formats

– Visiting Singapore for a work meeting with FAPAA

– Going to Jakarta for an epic shopping spree and getting my feet cleaned by live fish

– Watching Sunsets in Bali with my lovely new friend Arief and relaxing for the first time in years!

– Running my business Lovelly Communications and working with some fantastic clients such as Inspired Aventures

– Helping to champion the CLIMB2KILIMANJARO trip with Alzheimer’s Australia NSW in honour of my late Grandpa Jack and also my Great Uncle Joe.

– Snowboarding in NZ after breaking my back last year in September

– Going to Melbourne to see my Mexi girls


Not all the year was highs and the last few months of the year were tough, being overworked and stressed to the max. So 2011 is a new leaf. Stress less and more enjoying! taking time to step back and appreciate. And doing work that is fulfilling.

Who knows what the year holds, but i look forward to whatever 2011 wants to throw at me!



This trip so far- and where am I now?

(Miami – 10th feb! Posting this so late!!)


I was in Mumbai from 14th-27th December, visiting friends then at a wonderful wedding for 7 days. Congratulations Nakul and Forum. See the pics in my album.

Currently in my Aunties lounge room, 40 minutes south of london, UK. Here until 28th january visiting family (big bro jamesie) and friends.


Off to Berlin on 22nd jan for 4 days

America- LA, on 28th January

Carribean cruise with Dad on the 13th feb!!!


Love to hear from you and thanks for all your love and support through 2010!!


The ever travelling





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