Venice Beach and Santa Monica are gorgeous areas of Los Angeles. Seriously they are so pretty and such a differnet vibe to Hollywood and downtown.












Riding a bike or rollerblading is quite cliched, but man is it fun. $10 for an hour and you can see so much of this beautiful boardwalk and vista.


Typical sunset scenes will never get old for me and the photos are stunning but don’t do it justice.









After all that physical activity, Robata Japanese restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. The sun was setting, the sake was flowing and the sushi was delicious.










Stepping back to Venice, you are in a for a good laugh and some funn scenes. Great graffitti, a whole lot of hippies and some interesting smells will meet you from the “doctor” aka pot shop. Each to their own.









A must see in LA!!! Venice and Santa Monica- oh and the pier lights up at night!!

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