Everyone should know about my incredible, amazing, talented and big hearted Cuz from the US of A, Bill “Magic 500” Hunter.


I have such admiration and love for him that I even organised for a dedication book of 80 pages to be comiled by more than 100 of his friends in 2009.



This month I have been creating a website for him so more people all over the world can know how amazing he truly is!!



(Pictured with Parnelli Jones and Jim Dilmartar 2011)


Here is his official Bio from his photograph sheet he autographs for fans:


Magician Bill Hunter was born in Lake Forest, Illinois, the son of a Scottish golf professional. however, World War II would change his life forever. early in 1943 he was assigned to the United States Naval Armed Guard and was a gummer aboard a troop ship sailing in the Pacific. In July 1944 he was a patient at a US Navy hospital in Sydney, Australia. It was here he had the good fortune to meet and become close friends with the famous Steve Belloise. Belloise was on og the top ranked middlewight boxers in the world, and was  great amateur magician. He began teaching hunter the special art of magic, while both were patients of the Navy Hospital.

Hunter presents a different type of magic where he strolls and mingles throughout the crowd, table to table, entertaining small groups that quickly grow into large groups and it’s all done “right under your nose.”


He also can present a stage type show to audiences of 50 to 500 or more. Sophisticated Sorcery and Comedy make his act fun for audiences of all ages.



After dinner banquets, conventions, hospitality rooms and trade shows are his specialty. With now a big name in the Air Shows and Indy circuits.


Known to many as the “Indy 500 Magician”, Hunter has performed for the past 41 years for race car drivers and sponsor parties at the famed Indianapolis Motor speedway.

Hunter has entertained and become friends with a long line of celebrities, including Movie Stars, TV stars, Astronauts and a variety of famous people. He has entertained in 32 States of the USA, Australia, Greenland, China, Japan, Thailand, Europe and Singapore.


love you cuzzy!! So proud of you! xx

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