Now apparently to call a person of Mexican origin a Mexican in Los Angeles is deoroggatory or politically incorrect. News to me! And strange considering a huge part of the Los Angeles population is in fact, Mexican.

It has surprised me how much America, well this part of America, is reminding me of Mexico. I did live in Monterrey Mexico which is the most Americanized city of all those in Mexico, but still, the resemblance is astounding.


I’m staying in San Gabriel (yes that is a Spanish word) and seriously I could be in a suburb of Monterrey. El Pollo Loco, Tacos , Las Tunas drive. And you can speak Spanish in just about every shop you go to. I should have come here to learn my Spanish before going to Mexico. I even got to chat to the gardeners the other day.

So why, when a city has so much of a Spanish/ Mexican influence- do the Mexican people object to being called Mexicans? I would love someone to explain this to me. I know that some people may have been born here in the USA but have Mexican parents or origins, but should they not be proud of their heritage. I can also see that people may have a latino or hispanic appearance but actually be from El Salvador, Dominican Republic or Guatemala. But even when I asked my friend who lives in Juarez, Chihauau, Mexico about it, he said he doesn’t understand why they in most senses of the mexican nationality they are Mexican they still refuse to be called so?


I guess I can kinda understand it, as I am Australian but  people say I’m British as my parents are originally from the UK. You could say, I’m Australian with English blood yes, but if someone calls me English I wouldn’t call it an offence? And certainly not derogatory. Sigh.


So apparently Latino American is the correct term. I shall try my darndest to forget my Mexican connections and replace them with the Latino American mentatlity.


Hasta luego.


p.s. loving being able to buy great tortillas in store and get REAL tacos in the restaurants!!

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