If you’re looking for a great All American dining experience in California, head south of LA to Palm Springs and visit Billy Reed’s.




Billy Reed’s is a well known restaurant in this area for it’s great atmoshperre, delicious food and decent prices. The menu is about 60 cm tall, by 60 cm wide, back and front, so you can imagine the choice you have.










This is my cousins favourite restaurant and he said they do a great bowl of soup for      $5.95 (USD). He wasn’t kidding. A huge bowl of soup and choice of bread and you are certainly satisfied. We went for chicken noodle and split pea with te date nut loaf (wish is sweet and almost like a muffin more than a bread.)



The staff are smiling, the atmosphere is great- the décor reminds you of a sweet old grandmas house and the food tastes good. What more can you ask for? They also do dancing nights and theme nights.

Thanks for coming hunny, check it out on the web!


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