Lord Fletchers is an instituition in the Palm Springs and Palm Desert area. This little English pub like restaurant is a favourite amongst locals and hundreds of people travel from far and wide just to experience it.


I was lucky enough to not only visit this restaurant whilst in Palm Springs, but also to meet Lord Fletcher himself. The Lord and lady were dinning right near us and even came over to say hello, being goof friends of our host, Mr Kubly of Swiss Colony.

Now this restaurant is also famous as it was a favourite of the one and only, Frank Sinatra. He live d in the area for a long time and used to frequent this restaurant. Here is me with his photo and also sitting in his favourite chair. Felt  very cheeky indeed.










You can get amazing traiditional pub food here, but cooked 1000 times better. This is quite a fancy restaurant I’ll have you know. Silver service and first class all the way. I had the famous Lord’s cut Prime Rib of beef, served with creamed spinach, horseradish sauce and a Yorkshire pudding!! Check it out!!!











Not gonna lie, I was kinda intimidated!








We had a wonderful dinner and finished it off with a kalhua, cream and soda drinol- so good! The company of my cuz bill, and his friends was also delightful.




Highly recommend this restaurant as a great experience and for terrific food.


See more info at the website:


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