Hello all

I’m excited to say that it is now official….. I am climbing a mountain next year!


A climb2remember will raise funds for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW! This is something I have been involved with from Day 1 and am actually the Event champion for.

see the event page here:


I will be raising $10.000 minimum to take part in the trip and raise precious dollars for Charity!

I will be posting regularly on my blog with updates on numbers for the trip, training, planning, news in Africa and my progress! Once there, I will continue to blog about the trip and the Team adventure.

This is all for Grandpa! He passed away in 2008 and I promised then that I would do this for him…. I can’t believe we’re making it happen already. It’s amazing

Please support me in this epic task. A mountain people! A mountain.

You can donate as little as $5 or go on and be mega generous…. go for that.


Visit here and you can contribute to my adventure.


If you are keen to join me, go to the Inspired Adventures Page and register your interest:


Thank you and more to come soon!



Super board!

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