I want to start a new thing on the blog called snap of the week.


This won’t be exclusively the only photos I post or discuss, but this will be my ultimate favourite from the week and I will explain why!


NUREMBERG, GERMANY – Documentation Centre from a distance

This shot evokes a lot of emotion for me and should for anyone else who has stood at this historic site. Behind me was Zeppelinfeld, the Nazi Rally grounds, and in front of me the Conference centre which Hitler planned to be his head of the Nazi party. The scale of this building and the plans he had for the Empire as the Furer are outrageous. It makes your blood boil, but also leaves you with a haunted feeling.


I chose to use sepia to show the history and age of this area. Across this enormous lake, iced over at present, was a place of great history and learning, now converted to the documentation centre. Incredible museum and a must see for those visiting Nuremberg.

For more information visit the museum website:



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