British Airways has often left me feeling underwhelmed after a flight with them. The planes, service and entertainment felt as if they were stuck in the 70’s and I didn’t feel particularly comfortable. The best thing about their flights was the cabin at the back where they kept English snacks including galaxy chocolate and tiny tots. Apart from that, I was not overly fussed with them.



However, on my most recent flight from Sydney – India (via Singapore) with BA, I was very impressed. If I were giving them a sticker in primary school, I would give “most improved”. The seats were bigger and more comfortable. There was considerably more leg room then I could recall from previous flights.

The entertainment system was great. Up to date films and tv shows, loads to choose from and you could watch it from the ground and during the flight.

The lighting in the cabin was great and the temperature not too cold, which also used to become a problem.



What most impressed me was the food. I thought after such an impressive beginning to the flight, the food would really let it down. But again, to my great surprise, the food was very tasty. A curry actually, but really I should know this as the national dish of England is Chicken Tikka.


I may still hold some skepticism and cynicism towards this airline before I go shouting its praises from the rooftops. This flight was leaving from Australia. In my experience, my flights going out of Australia tend to be more modern, new and up to date technology in both the aircraft and the services offered on board. There is a steep decline in quality when going in the opposite direction and upon my flights home.

I’m keen to fly BA again soon to see if they can maintain the standard of quality to which I would like to become accustom.



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