I haven’t yet been to Cambodia so you can beat me to it!



ActionAid Australia are offering a wonderful once in a lifetime experience to visit Camobodia on a Cycling trip and see some of the wonderful work they do there.



All details can be found at:




Briefly though,  

It’s a 10 day adventure, 6 days of cycling through the breathtaking countryside of Cambodia, where you will visit the incredible ruins of Angkor Wat, and the vibrant city of Phnom Penh. After that you will spend several days at one of our current projects, working alongside the local community, sharing their hardships, their progress and their joy first-hand as you work in partnership to change their lives for the better. These First Hand Experience adventures raise between $40,000 and $100,000 on average which will make a massive difference to the communities. How fantastic is that!!



I’m so impressed by this initiative and think the work that Action Aid do is fantastic in any case. Travel is wonderful, but travel with a purpose and a passion is so much better!!


A bit about the group,

ActionAid Australia, a global anti-poverty agency, has been working in Cambodia to help farmers and their families create and build sustainable farming livelihoods. Since 2006, ActionAid has worked with these communities affected by landmines. The focus of ActionAid’s community development projects is now on increasing incomes through better farming techniques, training farmers in important business skills, such as selling and negotiating prices for their produce, and the benefits of rain tanks, water storage and management knowledge so that the productivity of farmers continues to rise.



Visit the website and download the info pack for more details.

Sadly I won’t be able to head their this time but will be following the blogs closely to see what they get up to!!

This project is being run be the AWESOME team at Inspired Adventures! Geez i love the work these guys do!! Go Team!!

(all photos visible on site)

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