I’m about to head to Singapore for my 6th attendance at the FAPAA ECM.
This really means nothing to all of you but it’s for my work.

FAPAA is the Federation of Asia Pacific Air Cargo Association. So freight! And I work for the Secretariat.

This year the meeting will be held in Singapore on the exciting Sentosa Island. We will be hosting the meeting at Resorts World Sentosa, an amazing man made world of adventure and luxury.

I will most certainly be in Singapore on a business trip. But I must ask how one is expected to focus in a place like this. Casinos, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, Marine Park, Zoos, Cable Cars, and Shops as far as the eye can see. Then there are luxurious pools that look like a desert oasis. And my eyes are supposed to stay fixed to my laptop screen? hmmmm I do feel we are playing the game of temptation a touch here.

Not only am I located in this world of glitz, glamour and excitement, but I’ve also been put up in one of the Island’s most attraction filled hotels – The Hard Rock Hotel


With rooms that make you feel like a rock star, even down to the light bulb studded bathroom mirrors, how is one supposed to focus on an Annual Budget and organisation of delegate registration! Hard Rock Hotel also has entertainment up the wazoo with memorabilia placed around the hotel, fabulous dining and offers of sightseeing always at hand, it’s going to be one tough stay here.

I very much look forward to seeing Sentosa as I was in Singapore four years ago and didn’t quite make it to the eccentric island. I sincerely believe 6 days will be only a glimpse of what this island will have to offer.

Am I the only one who has trouble with this business vs pleasure power struggle? I have been told by my boss to make sure I relax and enjoy myself, but when it comes to crunch time it’s going to be head down, bum up and work work work time!

Let me know your thoughts.

MORE TO COME SOON- Arriving Singapore Tuesday June 1st 2010






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