The Sydney Comedy Festival is running in Sydney for three weeks and it is on… NOW!

From the 19th April – 9th May you can see some of the best that the World has to offer- right in the heart of Sydney.

The acts are all listed here, with still plenty more to go:

Mitch Fatel

I was so lucky to get the heads up from my friend who is working on the PR for the event. She arranged for me to go to Mitch Fatel and Jeremy Hotz last week. I had a blast laughing away with my friends. I can’t say Hotz was my favourite ever comedian but I certainly laughed a lot.

I also got to go and see my good friend Michael Hing perform on Thursday night at the Parade Theatre in Randwick. His show “The Illustrious Physicians of Love” also starring Magee was HILARIOUS! It was so quirky, fun and outrageous that they had me laughing right through the show.

It’s great to get out and have a laugh with friends and also get a chance to see some of Sydney’s great Venues like the NIDA Parade Theatre, the Virgin Metro Theatre and The Comedy Store at Moore Park.

Book tickets asap and laugh yourself  silly.

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