This week we have JUNO from Korea. I met Juno through her wonderful posts on her blog and her twittering! Now we share tips on travel.

Read about Juno’s experiences in her home country of Korea and check out her blog for great travel advice

  1. Name

Jiyeon Juno Kim (just Juno is fine)

2. Occupation

Mechanical Engineer.

3.Country of Residence

Seoul, Rep. of Korea for now

4. Country of Origin

Rep. of Korea

  1. email/contact/ website / /

5. Why do you love Travel?

It gives me un-describable thrill. Nothing gives me this much of thrill. Photography is one of my biggest passions in my life, so travelling and photography make perfect sense for me. The greatest thing of travel is meeting people. Wherever you go, you meet fellow travellers. Even though you came from totally different world, it’s so amazing that you can talk to each other with same values. This is what gives me a thrill during travelling. I’ve met so many great people on the road and planning to do so for a long time.

6. Favourite place in your home country and why?

Seoul. Because it is my hometown J  and has a lot of excitement.

7. Best place for tourists to visit in your country?

Seoul. Definitely.

East coast to beautiful nature (beaches and mountains)

Jeju island.

8. What other country would you life in if you had to leave your country?

Too many great places I want to live but I have to say NewZealand at this point. Because it is the best I’ve ever been so far.

9. Best travelling experience anecdote in your own country?

I went to Jin-do (Jin-island) at very south of Korea. It is really small Island so not many people live nor know. It was a middle of summer. Even though I love beach in summer time, I don’t like to be in crowd so I never go. But that time in Jin-do, I went on a beach and there were 5 people in the water! Water was cristal clean, beautiful sunshine, just so peaceful. I can here little child giggling with the sound of wave. It was magical moment. Some place should remain just like that.

10. Favourite activity when around your city?

Among many excitements in Seoul, I watch many great musicals, go to special festivals (like St.Patrick’s day festival yesterday) and visit sub-urban city around Seoul by subway.

11. Do you feel you know your country well, or is more exploring of your homeland needed?

I travel lots of place in Korea, but Korea still does have more things to see for sure. I think, it will never end J

12. Any warnings for travellers visiting in your country?

We are very secured country. If you are worrying about security issues.

Although I recoment learn few Koreans before your visit. Actually many Koreans can speak English well but just in case. J

Additionally we have a lot of spicy food so smell or ask before you eat. J Ouch in your mouth!

13. The best book to read before visiting your country?

It is very hard beacause not many of our books translate to English. I will let you know this too with the answer of No.14 J

14. The must eat dish or delicacy of your country?

Actually I had article about this in my blog. Here’s a link!

15. The top three sayings to make travellers stay in your country easier? E.g. How much? Too expensive or Hello.

Hello : An nyung ha se yo.

Thank you : Gam sa hap ni da.

I can’t speak Korean : Han guk mal, mot hae yo.

16. Best time of year to visit?

We do have clear 4 seasons. All seasons are great, but if you insist I choose spring and autumn. All the flowers and new born trees in spring and flame color maple trees in the mountain. It could blow your mind.

17. The 4 words that best describe your country:

Country of rising sun.

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