Here are some notes from a Tour Guide I met in Jaipur, Dear Vijay.

As I am traveling with some very important group whom I was recmmended by some of my fellow travellers friends.
The tour is through some of the best places and hotels of India.
The city of Maysore, Ooty , and on the way we pass through the some of the famous Tiger century of South called Bandipur and mundamaly .

Infact we were able to see some elephants family it was so great , I was excited to share with you.
This place Ooty had great past of Maharajas and British Lords and their polo,parties and hunting.
The Hotel we are staying Saway is great.
The Colours women use in sarees and silk is also Great really liked by western people.

Tomorrow going to 100 years old toy train.and than to Cochin the ancient trading city of Trade Route to India by sea.
Greetings Vijay

Contact Vijay to arrange tours in North India:

(V.V. Singh)
+91 98290 64199

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2 thoughts

  1. I have been now, Twice!
    I wrote about the first time but haven’t yet written about the most recent time in December!

    Promise to get to it soon
    Thanks for making me accountable haha you can be my manager!


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