It does appear to be a recurring topic with me, that of BBQ Pork Ribs. Admittedly I love them and especially the mess you make when eating them. So I was delighted to find a popular lunch spot in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, for eating the delicacy.


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For Good Indonesian and Mexican Food.

(An unusual combination granted, but it works)

The cooking style on the open bbq at the front of the eatery reminded me of a fantastic place in Huasteca Potosi, Mexico where we had amazing BBQ chicken in a popular tourist spot.

The great restaurant can be found at Tromol Pos No. 219, UBUD 8-561, BALI, Indonesia. Situated amongst lush tropical plants on a quiet village type road, you can relax and enjoy your meal in peace.

Once you have finished with your meal and are suitably stuffed, you can waddle across the road and check out the UBUD Art Gallery and Museum with some traditional handicrafts.

Oh… I really should mention something about the ribs.

Cooked on an open bbq and coated many times in thick, gooey, sweet and tangy bbq sauce. Served on their own with Lime juice and an extra bowl of sauce, you will certainly be satisfied after chewing away at the meaty goodness.

I found it strange to be the only one at the table using my hands whilst the asian guests around me skillfully pulled the meat from the bone with knife, spoon and fork. I have to admit, I looked like some what of a cannibal gnawaing on the bones but I can guarantee I had the most fun enjoying the ribs.

Saucy, sticky and succulent. Naughty Nuri’s sure has some good ribs!

Bali’s Cuisine

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11 thoughts

  1. Next time you’re lusting after BBQ Pork Ribs try the Fly Café just up the road and around the corner from Nuri’s warung. The ribs are awesome – probably the best in the world.


  2. Blogger yg baik adalah blogger yg mencatumkan source (link) dari foto/image yg dia ambil untuk dipasang di blognya.


  3. A good blogger is someone who always writes down the sources (link) of images/photos taken and uploaded in his/her blog


  4. hey… try Doo Bee Doo ribs at kediri street no. 9i near aston inn tuban… they also sell ribs with cowboy concept:) you should try it.. 🙂


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