When you travel it is always good to have new experiences and try new things. When I read the sign for a “fish spa”, of course I enquired right away as to what this was . To my surprise and not to my delight, it is exactly as the name implies, a spa with fish. Don’t be alarmed, it is just for your feet.

At this point in time having realized what was in store for me, I would have quite happily declined but my Indonesian friend Dani said “Great! I always wanted to try that.” As he was paying and we had at least an hour to kill before dinner, I jumped right in. To the water that is! Feet first as one might say!

A fish spa is a small shallow pool filled with cool water and believe it or not, fish. Small, scaley, black, squirming fish. The fish swim around your feet until they spot a nice juicy looking bit of dead skin hanging off your heel and they begin to nibble. They enjoy the taste and apparently it’s extremely good for your feet as it is removing the dead skin and revealing the fresh layers underneath. Charming isn’t it! Nature’s own little beauty therapists.

How does one find themselves taking a fish spa?

The procedure is:

  1. Agree to the looming torture
  2. Have your feet sprayed with antibacterial spray and wiped down as you relax in a leather recliner.
  3. Place your feet in the shallow pool and await your fate
  4. Scream, shout and giggle uncontrollably as the hungry fish munch away on your dead skin
  5. Try to compose yourself and smile awkwardly at the now offended owners of the shop
  6. Realise, once you stop squirming about, that it actually feels quite good. Tingling and little nips here and there but strangely tranquil and calming. The little monsters are doing a fine job
  7. Half an hour goes by and it’s time to step out
  8. Have your feet dried rubbed down and moisturized
  9. Pay and apologise for your antics.
  10. Admit to the one that talked you into the treatment that the whole ordeal was actually quite a pleasant experience after all.

By far the strangest beauty treatment I’ve ever had however, I do believe I will do it again. You’re killing two birds with one stone really. Your feeding the fish and rejuvenating the feet. I give the Fish spa an 8/10 for it’s uniqueness, hilarity and effectiveness in foot cleansing.

NB: Do not place feet in your fishtank at home. The fish are actually a particular species, doctor fish, who do like the skin of human feet, your fish will probably just cower in the corner or have a heart attack. Not advised.

For more information visit:



If in Jakarta anytime soon, go to the good people at:

Talisa Family Massage and Reflexi

FX Plaza Life Style X’Entre

F3 JI. Jendral Sudirman Pintu


Phone: 021-2555 4136

CLOSE UP PHOTO:159321-eaten-alive-by-fish—fish-spa-singapore-not-my-foot-btw-singapore-singapore.jpg

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  1. Dear Sirs

    We decided to establish fish massage salon after our director visited such as this salon in Malaysia.
    Now, we are searching the companies who can give us full information and supply us also the fishes.

    Because we have no experience in this field, you are kindly requested to advise us, if you can co-operate with us and how this co-operation can be ?

    Best Regards
    Mohsen Sadr


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